My name is Paolo Ghisu and I am a photographer, video-maker, as well as a professional in the field of development cooperation, with extensive international experience in project management, monitoring and evaluation.

I was born and raised in Trento, Italy. I have always been passionate about and committed to sustainable development and social equity. After my studies in Economics (bachelor) and International Relations (master) at the University of Trento, I spent my career working for various NGOs and international organisations, for which I travelled and managed projects all around the globe.

Photography has always occupied a large part of my time since I was a kid, but it was only in 2020 that I decided to make it part of my career, as I wanted to try to pursue one of my dreams. I studied photography and videography, attended various training and started collaborating with some NGOs and development organisations to document their work in Mozambique, where I used to live.

Throughout my visual work, I tell stories about sustainability, diversity, vulnerability, resilience, cultures and traditions.In 2021 I realised FULLY BOOKED, my first reportage at Grande Hotel da Beira, one of the largest and most populated occupied building in the world. The reportage was exposed various times in Italy and Mozambique, was published in a few magazines, and was short-listed at the Festival of Ethical Photography of Lodi 2022.

Currently, I collaborate with various international organisations and NGOs and I produce visual stories and documentaries for communications and advocacy campaigns. I am based between Trento (Italy) and Beira (Mozambique), but I am open to short term opportunities in other countries.