Articles and analysis

Mozambico. La baraccopoli nel Grande Hotel
Missioni Consolata, August/September 2022

Progetto PROFILI: Oltre la sussistenza. Promozione di filiere agricole sostenibili a Gorongosa e Marínguè attraverso il sostegno alle associazioni di produttori e produttrici (AID 11471)
Helpcode, February 2022 (paper not available for sharing)

Assessment Of micro, small and medium enterprises supported by the Mozambique Recovery Facility Programme between 2020-2021
UNDP, January 2022 (paper not available for sharing)

Vivere al Grande Hotel di Beira, il più popoloso edificio occupato al mondo
Africa Rivista, December 2021

Documenting the achievements of the EESE programme in Mozambique. A case study of the pilot project “Resilient Business in Beira”
International Labour Office, September 2021

Second Qualitative Assessment of the Beira Municipal Organisation
VNG International, July 2021 (paper not available for sharing)

Beira, il cuore ferito del Mozambico
Africa Rivista, December 2020

Mid-term review of the project “Governance of Inclusive Green Growth in Cities (DEALS)” – Beira Mozambique
VNG International, November 2020 (paper not available for sharing)

Argentina: Major Grain Stock Release Expected Following Macri Election Win
Bridges, November 2015

FAO: Social Protection Key in Tackling Hunger, Poverty
Bridges, October 2015

How Could the 2014 US Farm Bill Affect the World Market for Cotton?
ICTSD, September 2015 (in French)

OECD, FAO: Farm Product Prices to Fall Over Next Decade
Bridges. July 2015

Assessing the effectiveness of Aid for Trade: Lessons from the ground
Bridges Africa, May 2015

US Farm Subsidy Levels for Corn, Soya Draw Scrutiny from Brazil
Bridges, May 2015

Draft US Trade Bill Proposes Farm Subsidy Rule Change
Bridges, April 2015

US Lawmakers Debate Reform to Global Food Aid Schemes
Bridges Africa, April 2015

Has the Indian duty-free scheme boosted African LDC exports to India?
Bridges Africa, March 2015

WTO Farm Talks: Paraguay Tariff Cut Paper Outlines Formula, Request-Offer Approach
Bridges, March 2015

Brazil’s Growing Farm Support Mostly Not Trade Distorting, New Data Suggests
Bridges, February 2015

China to Speed up Agricultural Modernisation, Food Safety Efforts
Bridges, February 2015

Ethiopia: Deepening Engagement with India through better Market Access
ICTSD, November 2014

Uganda: Deepening Engagement with India through Better Market Access
ICTSD, November 2014

Tanzania: Deepening Engagement with India through Better Market Access
ICTSD, November 2014

Harnessing Trade for Structural Transformation in LDCs, in Istanbul Programme of Action for the LDCs (2011-2020): Monitoring Deliverables, Tracking Progress
The Commonwealth Book, October 2014

Deepening India’s Engagement with the LDCs: An in-depth Analysis of India’s Duty-free Tariff Preference Scheme
ICTSD, October 2014

Can India’s Duty-Free Scheme foster Trade and Development in African Least Developed Countries?
ECDPM, April 2014

Assessing the Effectiveness of Aid for Trade: Lessons from the Ground, in Assessing Aid for Trade Effectiveness, Current Issues and Future Directions
The Commonwealth Book and ODI, November 2013

Financing LDC climate change adaptation through Aid for Trade
BIORES, November 2013

Assessing the Effectiveness of Aid for Trade: Lessons from the Ground
ICTSD, July 2013

Towards an “Aid for Trade Plus” initiative to finance LDCs climate change adaptation needs
Bridges Africa, July 2013

LDCs accession to the WTO
Bridges Africa, July 2013

An Analysis of the WTO Accession Guidelines for Least Developed Countries
ICTSD, November 2012

Aid for Trade and the Least Developed Countries: Recent Trends and Impact on the Ground
ICTSD, October 2012

Aid for Trade on the Ground: Early Findings from Country Studies
ICTSD, July 2011

A methodological framework to assess the effectiveness and development impact of Aid for Trade at national level
TNI, April 2011 (in French)

Trade, climate change and fisheries: Building resilience through trade-policy reform
TNI, November 2009 (in French)

Climate Change and Fisheries: Policy, Trade and Sustainable Development Issues
ICTSD, October 2009

A perfect storm : Ensuring trade promotes resiliency and adaption against climate change threats
TNI, February 2009 (in French)

The Growth Report: the momentum of Africa
TNI, July 2008 (in French)